Are beards for men?


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Beards are very en vogue nowadays and wearing a beard is even very present in the fashion industry.

Society looking for men.

Wikipedia says that beard is blah blah blah

I don’t know what it says… sorry…

I’ve took a beer, and I’ve only seen that there’s article about beard, and apparently style differences and everything. But I didn’t had time to get in depth in this thematic, my beer was too delicious.

The thing is, men wearing a beard are very common nowadays, a huge come back!

And lots of caring products to maintain a superb beard can be found in stores.

So beard men are barber’s best pals, and not only.

A proper clean beard attracts lots of attention.

What about Goose Paul’s editor?

Ah, I wear a beard, because I don’t have time to shave, and when it’s becoming to uncomfortable, thick, I cut everything, and my face looks back like a young boy…

To conclude beards are cool and I envy those whom can have big ones.

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