But first Tequila!


coffee goof tequila kid coffee goof tequila kid

Not a common “But first coffee”, why not Tequila to begin the day in a fun way!

I’ve seen lots of But first Coffee pictures, lots!

On a Monday morning, begining the week with coffee is of course a nice idea.

But, and just in a questionable way, what could be possibly wrong to begin a work week with Tequila instead of coffee?

I don’t see any issue with this.

Everybody will be happy to work, well everybody will go to work with a little smile on the face.

Wearing a happy smile is way better than a tie!

Mom said it’s a bad idea…

Argh, mom is uncool…

Definitely this was a good idea, but moms are always right.

So it was simply for kidding.

So, welcome Monday, and but first coffee.

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