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In the fashion industry, everything is good for a come back. Now it’s time to the 80s to be back. Good thing, not sure…

Fashion weeks are 80s comes back

Designer and stylist have decided that it’s time to bring back colors trends and strange shapes for the 80s.

Innovate in fashion isn’t that easy, so past comes back, for good or bad, and people will follow those new trends anyway.

Reading articles about this, I’ve thought about bow ties.

Bow ties are smart

It’s not a common accessory, and, maybe I’m wrong, but a bow tie are very specific.

Hipster movement is quite something, but bow ties are not really a hipster thing as beard is mostly the essential style.

That’s how I’ve found the idea of this silly drawing.

Bow tie is not Hipster, so why not a Bowster style?

Most important, be yourself, do whatever you like, and don’t follow the rules!

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