Weekend reggae vibes illustration


reggae goof cartoon drawing reggae goof cartoon drawing

A cool weekend illustration, that’s all. So for this, it’s just a cool dude, in a reggae style, happy and relaxed that weekend is beginning. But Grumpy thing is way too negative.

Friday night, party time

Spending the week thinking about projects and how to achieve them, not a funny funky story.

And the result of this is an illustration of a cool dude with a large smile.

A quick sketching, and bam on Illustrator to play with vector shapes and pencil tool.

I like the guy, it’s relaxed attitude.

He is happy because weekend is becoming, and so reggae chilling parties.

But what about negative minds around, good mood killers?

Here goes Grumpy Thing

Half cat, half… strange little animal, this Grumpy Thing is a realist character.

Something like Marvin from the fantastic H2G2 hitchhiker’s guide book.

This Grumpy Thing believes Monday is like Terminator.

Monday will always be back!

That’s definitely sure, but until that day, we can celebrate the weekend with funky groovy music!

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