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Weekly Goose Paul news, with funny characters.

My latest drawings, inspired by some videos I've seen on YouTube, youth and even NASA news!

Yep, my source of inspiration is wide these days, and my latest cartoons are in opposite thematic, well maybe not?

If you are ready to discover those goofy drawings, check this post!

A Boosted board is so cool

Recently I've found myself watching some videos produced by Casey Neistat, his daily vlogs (not anymore daily).

One of its way to move in NY is an electric skate-board called Boosted Board.

This device is in a word awesome!

Then I asked myself what if in an imaginary world I was riding such device, and this drawing pops-up in my head.

boosted board skate casey neistat

Wait a minute, that's not a kid on a Boosted Board!

OK, a skater kid would never have that look, crying "That's too fast"...

And yes if it was something like me, Goose Paul author I'm not a kid anymore, and I'm even older than Casey, only few years.

But I've found funny thinking a guy possibly like me testing a Boosted Board and yelling that's toooo fast!

Nokia 3310 phone revival

That was a tending news in the mobile phone world.

The group that is now controlling Nokia has announced the rebirth of the legendary Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

That was a superb phone in 2000!

Everybody had one (except me).

So naturally this huge marketing announcement has been the main news in the tech and geek world.

The future Nokia 3310 will be different...

In fact this futuristic 3310 will have nothing in common with the older one, which inspired me a little drawing.

Nokia 3310 phone cartoon

This time it's a kid, with a hoodie, demonstrating, not really protesting, for having a "real 3310", well an authentic vintage classic one.

NASA has announced new exoplanets.

That's a fantastic scientific discovery, no doubt at all.

But I'm not a big fan of such announcement and at at 40 billions light years, it's far from us.

Our planet is in bad shape, and can't do any workout to get better.

So this announcement inspired me a silly drawing...

guitar rock exoplanet

In fact I'm intrigued by the level of interest youth will have for such news.

Stay tune for new funny drawings.

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